Entrance Germany: For your success (english)

The consultancy Düssel Mittelstandsberatung KG offers foreign companies assistance to start a business in Germany. Foreign companies are facing major challenges. They are new to do's and dont's in German business and culture and to the local market conditions. Entrance Germany helps to close this gap.


We deliver sector related information about your potential target group and competitors. We give support for the market entry and for the establishment of the distribution network. We provide tailor-made  information about markets, sectors, products, distribution channels and customers. With this information you can compare your business goals with the market conditions and adjust your market entry strategy or develop your strategy further.


Have you decided on the next step then we will assist you in this process.


The program of Entrance Germany

We have developed a portfolio of services you can choose from.


  • Feasibility studies and market research reports
  • Analysis and selection of location in Germany
  • Foundation and establishment of a branch office
  • Recruiting
  • Access to our network of tax advisor, lawyers, regional development agencies
  • Partner Search -  this service is also available to companies not located in Germany
  • Development of a product and market entry strategy
  • Development of sales and marketing strategy
  • Implementation of the strategies
  • Contacting potential customers


For several years we have been working with companies from North America and in Europe.


We are committed to help you to achieve your business goals.


Direct link: www.entrance-germany.com

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